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A Magical Year

January. The month of freshness. The month in which waking up in the morning brings with it a joyful reminder that the past has been the preparation for the future…which is right here. It’s the month in which walking out the front door means being greeted with a blast of refreshing, crisp air…full of the promise of endless possibility. The month in which anything can happen.

2014 was a great year. It was full of blessings and lessons and growth. But 2015 is going to be special. Here at Soul Voyager Studios, we’re expecting great things from 2015. It’s going to be a year of joyful response to what we’ve been given (namely, a lot of God’s unfailing love), readiness for whatever’s coming next, and the realization of long held dreams.

The year has begun, for us, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Breathtaking views and inspiring company have ushered us in to what is going to be a spectacularly magical year. For everyone reading this, may you be filled with the assurance of God’s special love and purpose for YOU, and may you join us in celebrating this new gift we’ve been given…2015. Click the button below to view a few inspiring images.

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Logan Thomas

In honor of the possibility that Logan Thomas, former Hokie QB, will have his first start as an NFL QB this week, I decided to write a quick post. Myself a Virginia Tech Alum, I happen to bleed orange and maroon and was thrilled when a few years back Logan came out to San Diego to train with my friend George Whitfield. It was great to see the quarterback of my alma mater using his spring break at the time to come out to my city and put in extra hard work and effort to see our team succeed, and I was delighted that I had the chance to shoot some photos and video of the good times had that day.




I hope he remembers with fondness what he learned that week and during all his experiences in Blacksburg as he steps onto the field this weekend on behalf of the AZ Cardinals.
GO HOKIES! Past, present, and future…


A Tribute to the 2014 Padres Season

Just as the book of Ecclesiastes likes to remind us, there is a season for every activity under heaven. This year’s baseball season at Petco Park is over. This season, Padres fans saw their beloved Trevor Hoffman inducted into the Hall of Fame, and said goodbye to heroes Jerry Coleman and Tony Gwynn. They were also witness to the most victories at home that the Padres have ever had. As Major League Baseball’s behind the scenes representative at all Padres home games, allow me to pay tribute to the 2014 season with the following images, captured by yours truly, property of MLB Advanced Media.


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A Twist on the Theatre

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of watching my friends combine two art forms in a performance that produced chuckles of amusement, gasps of wonder, and sighs of admiration from all spectators. These friends, together as a group known as The Circus Collective, performed an original piece that was a combination of theatre and the circus arts, with a film noir twist and a “whodunnit” murder mystery theme. It took place in an art gallery on the outskirts of downtown San Diego.

0814_Circustantial Evidence-2

This project of the Circus Collective’s delighted me. I’m in love with the aerial arts myself. It’s a beautiful form of artistic expression, requiring strength, agility, creativity, and being outside your comfort zone. Daring to do, and breathtaking to watch, the aerial arts are inspiring.

0814_Circustantial Evidence-5


But the Circus Collective doesn’t only focus on the aerial arts aspect of the circus. Juggling, unicycling, acrobalancing, rolla bolla…all found their way into this production.

0814_Circustantial Evidence-4

Combined with the more traditional aspects of theatre, this project made the exciting, amazing, inspiring qualities of the circus arts available, up close and personal, to the community in an original way.

0814_Circustantial Evidence-6

I was thrilled to be able to shoot video footage of this production coming to fruition from an insider’s perspective. Please visit our Featured Project page to see this behind the scenes video. If you’re in the San Diego area, keep track of the Circus Collective’s upcoming productions at www.circuscollectivesd.com, and be sure to check them out!

0814_Circustantial Evidence-30814_Circustantial Evidence-1

When Sparks Fly

I know some amazing women. I know some artistic women. Gretchen Mars is both. She’s flat out bad ass. This little lady is an incredible artist, an incredible friend, and an incredible woman. As she has just left our community and moved to another city, this blog in her honor is only appropriate.

I joined her in her studio the day before she moved to capture her welding one of her pieces. I had to shoot while looking through a tiny glass window in a helmet I was made to wear that looked like it came straight out of Futurama. That window was difficult enough to see through on its own. But after I lowered its cover, which is meant to protect one’s eyes from corneal burn, (which is what would happen if one looked directly at the welding torch in action)…well, basically I found myself shooting in the dark.


Yet, the results were surprisingly delightful. Check out the gallery below. If you want to see Gretchen’s work, gretchenmars.com is a good place to start.



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A Few Ballpark Moments

Happy June, everybody!

Summer has arrived, and for many of you Soul Voyagers out there, baseball is a big part of this time of year. As for myself, when I’m not doing Soul Voyager Studios stuff, I’m often at Petco Park, serving as Major League Baseball’s “behind the scenes” representative in San Diego. Since we are now a third of the way through the season, I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favorite images thus far, and MLB Advanced Media has graciously granted permission. Check out the gallery below!

If you live in San Diego and haven’t yet been to a game this season, come out and support our Padres! I hope to see you there.

Shana Siler

SVS Founder



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The Glamorous Outdoors

Upon returning home from a brief visit to the Grand Canyon, I felt that a blog was in order. It was fantastic to have a few days off the grid, immersed in the beauty of God’s creation and engaged in quality time with friends.

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Finally Setting Sail with soulvoyagerstudios.com

So here it is! The first blog post on soulvoyagerstudios.com. It HAS been a voyage, getting to this point, and I am so glad the day is finally here! There is much to look forward to in the days ahead, so please stay posted with us as we share with you the ventures that await us.

Thanks so much for checking us out, and be blessed on your soul’s voyage!


SVS Founder