October 12, 2014 Shana

Logan Thomas

In honor of the possibility that Logan Thomas, former Hokie QB, will have his first start as an NFL QB this week, I decided to write a quick post. Myself a Virginia Tech Alum, I happen to bleed orange and maroon and was thrilled when a few years back Logan came out to San Diego to train with my friend George Whitfield. It was great to see the quarterback of my alma mater using his spring break at the time to come out to my city and put in extra hard work and effort to see our team succeed, and I was delighted that I had the chance to shoot some photos and video of the good times had that day.




I hope he remembers with fondness what he learned that week and during all his experiences in Blacksburg as he steps onto the field this weekend on behalf of the AZ Cardinals.
GO HOKIES! Past, present, and future…


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