August 28, 2014 Shana

A Twist on the Theatre

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of watching my friends combine two art forms in a performance that produced chuckles of amusement, gasps of wonder, and sighs of admiration from all spectators. These friends, together as a group known as The Circus Collective, performed an original piece that was a combination of theatre and the circus arts, with a film noir twist and a “whodunnit” murder mystery theme. It took place in an art gallery on the outskirts of downtown San Diego.

0814_Circustantial Evidence-2

This project of the Circus Collective’s delighted me. I’m in love with the aerial arts myself. It’s a beautiful form of artistic expression, requiring strength, agility, creativity, and being outside your comfort zone. Daring to do, and breathtaking to watch, the aerial arts are inspiring.

0814_Circustantial Evidence-5


But the Circus Collective doesn’t only focus on the aerial arts aspect of the circus. Juggling, unicycling, acrobalancing, rolla bolla…all found their way into this production.

0814_Circustantial Evidence-4

Combined with the more traditional aspects of theatre, this project made the exciting, amazing, inspiring qualities of the circus arts available, up close and personal, to the community in an original way.

0814_Circustantial Evidence-6

I was thrilled to be able to shoot video footage of this production coming to fruition from an insider’s perspective. Please visit our Featured Project page to see this behind the scenes video. If you’re in the San Diego area, keep track of the Circus Collective’s upcoming productions at, and be sure to check them out!

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