When Sparks Fly

I know some amazing women. I know some artistic women. Gretchen Mars is both. She’s flat out bad ass. This little lady is an incredible artist, an incredible friend, and an incredible woman. As she has just left our community and moved to another city, this blog in her honor is only appropriate.

I joined her in her studio the day before she moved to capture her welding one of her pieces. I had to shoot while looking through a tiny glass window in a helmet I was made to wear that looked like it came straight out of Futurama. That window was difficult enough to see through on its own. But after I lowered its cover, which is meant to protect one’s eyes from corneal burn, (which is what would happen if one looked directly at the welding torch in action)…well, basically I found myself shooting in the dark.


Yet, the results were surprisingly delightful. Check out the gallery below. If you want to see Gretchen’s work, gretchenmars.com is a good place to start.



Click here to view gallery


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